Saturday, December 18, 2010 his favorite spot near my desk.

He has his toy box right next to him...and never did share well with his older "sister". This "little" guy (almost 110 pounds of him) has me wrapped around his little paw :>)

Another Gift

THis RR is made with 2 strands of yarn and a large hook. It's NOT black and white but Cape Cod Blue and White.
It's very warm and cozy and BIG. It's on a Queen size bed.

Round Ripple

The brown is more of a sandy color than this picture shows. It's another gift :>)

A Handy Tote

I made this for my dearest friend so she can easily keep track of her paperback book or other little things.
Oh...the "sun" is made with glow in the dark yellow yarn :>)