Monday, April 30, 2007

Joining granny squares...

Terri, and everyone, thanks for your kind comments about the charity ghans! In answer to questions, I join my squares using a whipstitch. If you're not familiar with this method, using a large-eyed needle and yarn, I hold the right sides of 2 squares together and stitch into the back loops only (BLO), joinging them so they line up evenly. I also tug the yarn after a few stitches, so you can barely see the joining, even from the back. Here's a pic of the wrong side of one ghan:

I don't have the name of all the helpful sites that can walk you through this, but a great place to start with any crochet questions is the Lion Brand Yarns web site. By googling "crochet" you can also get lots of help.
Important: to begin the joining and to end it, I weave in the yarn forward and backward so it locks, and won't come out. Washing the ghans before giving them away is also a must for me. It's a great way to discover any ends that you may need to secure more addition to helping to get rid of any fur or doggie drool from my German shepherds!

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Baby ghan for Mary's niece (expecting)

I frogged the original pattern, which I loved, but the blanket wasn't looking right. This is what I came up with as a substitute - I think it has the same look, and I hope everyone likes it.

The tight shot is the border...I'm afraid though, that the light pastel print doesn't show up as well as it does in person.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Better pictures...

...of the beautiful lacy shawl Bonnie made for me from bamboo yarn, and the Betty Boop hook case (I have a thing about BB). Bonnie even included 2 beautifully made wooden hooks - J's, so I always have one in whatever wip I happen to be working on!
She's the sweetest person...

Saturday, April 14, 2007

My Secret Pal is...

Bonnie (angelfire) from Crochetville! She has so blessed me during this entire time, and her reveal package which came yesterday was so incredibly generous I am speechless - though I DID call her. I had to...she had done so much. I've posted pics. I received a beautiful shawl, which I absolutely LOVE, crocheted in bamboo yarn! Bonnie quilted a carrying case using Betty Boop fabric (!!) and enclosed 2 absolutely beautifully carved wooden hooks inside. There were so many things...a new author to try, along with a turquoise blue clip-on book!! Chocolate!!! A tote bag, dishcloths, crochet and cotton thread...there were so many blessings in that huge box that I can't even list them all! I am truly humbled by such generosity. Bonnie, you have a heart of gold.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Still working...

...on the baby blanket for Mary's niece. I forgot how long it takes to make progress when you use port weight yarn! It is turning out beautifully, though, and I'll post a pic soon - maybe even before I finish it. It's soooo soft and with the TLC yarn, Bunny Print variegated color, it's going to be a perfect match for the bedding already chosen for the nursery!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Various projects

Everything! Orange is a hospital ghan; a blue felted blanket for Sparkie; a cross bookmark and pink lapghan for Rosemary; my "Blue Star" ghan project in two pictures; a pink baby ghan to donate (eventually); an old ghan with HS logo; a dish cloth (used); a cat ghan to be assembled (blue border). Oh, and 12 inch squares (from my stash) to make into a bedspread. Any questions? :>)

Monday, April 2, 2007

Ghans made for a hospital

Most of these were made from donated squares sent to me by several members of Crochetville.