Saturday, April 14, 2007

My Secret Pal is...

Bonnie (angelfire) from Crochetville! She has so blessed me during this entire time, and her reveal package which came yesterday was so incredibly generous I am speechless - though I DID call her. I had to...she had done so much. I've posted pics. I received a beautiful shawl, which I absolutely LOVE, crocheted in bamboo yarn! Bonnie quilted a carrying case using Betty Boop fabric (!!) and enclosed 2 absolutely beautifully carved wooden hooks inside. There were so many things...a new author to try, along with a turquoise blue clip-on book!! Chocolate!!! A tote bag, dishcloths, crochet and cotton thread...there were so many blessings in that huge box that I can't even list them all! I am truly humbled by such generosity. Bonnie, you have a heart of gold.

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