Monday, May 18, 2009

Wedding Gift

This is a 44 inch graph ghan for a neighbor's son. He grew up alongside our son and I wanted to do something special for he and his bride.
The darker color is a deep green.

I purchased this design at and for a nominal fee the designer personalized the pattern.


Beansieleigh said...

My gosh!!.. Beautiful!! The lucky bride and groom are going to LOVE this! Best wishes to them both!

Judy said...

Thank you!

Amanda said...

Once again, I'm amazed by your patience with the graphghans, lol. I've been stitching up a storm, but I just don't feel like blogging. So far, two pairs of booties, one jacket, three hats, four soakers, and I've used my new sewing machine to make three cloth diapers. Oh, and a baby blanket, of course!