Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Gifts I Made

Front and back of a Santa hot pad.

hot pad
Reverse of hotpad
A chenille scarf.
Chenille scarf
A lapghan using a handful of donated squares...I made the rest.
A bookmark made from thread and set of coasters, using cotton yarn.
bookmark and coasters
A 30 inch ghan that I made up as I went along (as if you can't tell...LOL!)
30 inch blankie


Anonymous said...

All of your work is so beautiful.

anastaciafreak said...

love the santa hot pad it is soooo cute. i just got done making a purple ladybug afghan. u can see it here plus other stuff i made

Judy said...

And anastaciafreak...you have some very, very nice stuff posted!! Good work!

anastaciafreak said...

thanks judy, i try. it takes me a while to get stuff done but eventually it gets done. i am constantly get ideas for new projects all the time.