Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Child's Ghans #s 2 & 3 for Fisher House


Christine M said...

They're lovely, Judy!

Sandy said...

Such cute child colors. Tell me about Fisher House.

Judy said...

Sandy, it's a house (there are many) very close to military bases (the one I help is at Ft. Bragg)where families live while their spouse is in the military hospital. The soldiers can often live in the house too, as they undergo outpatient therapy. Many families have young children and these ghans are to help cheer them up.
I didn't have an email to contact you...

Sandy said...

Stopping back to see how you are and if you'd answered my question...lol, silly, you answered it on your blog instead of popping over to mine to leave the answer.

Happy Thanksgiving

Sandy said...

Is there a way of getting a listing of these types of facilities? Wondering which one would be nearest me?
be sure and pop over to my blog by clicking on my name or picture to let me know
the url I left is for a 2nd blog, love you to check it out.